Our Stories

Personal Stories from Siskiyou County

Every day in the news, we see articles and statistics about the opioid crisis in America. The statistics for Siskiyou County are improving: since 2016, we have moved from the 5th highest overdose/death rate from opioids in the state to 35th. Our group, the Siskiyou Opioid Safety Coalition (SOSC), has worked hard to change this — but for continued change to happen, we all must be educated and aware of the scope of the problem and the effect on our community.

It can be easy to forget that these statistics all have faces and families attached to them. SOSC would like to salute the following Siskiyou County residents who have courageously chosen to share their stories with us so we can gain understanding and compassion necessary to prevent further tragedy.

If you or someone you know has a story they would like to share, please contact our facilitator, Daniele. All conversations are confidential.

Opioid Recovery Stories

Opioid use disorder is a treatable chronic disease.

Nearly one in three people know someone addicted to opioids. In order to best help, we need to dispel the stigma and shame. This coalition supports and upholds our community members, and strives for a healthier future for all.